Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 42: Believe

Presentation to clients today.
First offline was shot in 5d.
Then the director presented
the bolex (film) version.
Everyone liked it.
Film prevails again.

I get a very satisfying feeling
knowing that film still rules over

During the meeting we were served
'kuning' rice with fried chicken.
Very delicious.

Had a half day break.
Went to colleague's house.
It was great chilling, drinking
guinness and playing PS3.
The wife made a very good meal
for us too. Very spicy! Love

Later evening had another prep
meeting for Pizza Hut shoot.
I'll be ADing the job. My first
official production job in Jakarta.

Later for supper had a Javanese
fried fish meal with rice.

Came back home, drank more guinness
and chill with friend's father.
And more PS3.

Feel so thankful for the life that
has been blessed upon me.

There's so many bad stuff happening around
the world now.

Sad, I hate following news sometimes.


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