Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 54: Birthdays

There's nothing more heartaching to have
someone you trust and love betrays you.

But I guess everyone makes mistakes.
Who are we to judge?

Each one of us probably have betray

It's 24th. Happy Easter.
Am still in a shoot.
2am. Still waiting for the
food to be ready.
Bloody sleepy.
Am the AD, I can't show people
that i am sleepy.

Everything makes up for it's reason.

Guess I'm not meant to be there
for her as someone else is.

We're in both different worlds,
striving for what we believe.
Our lives doesn't intervenes,
as for now.

I remembered once she told me
if I've faith, one day we will.

It all balls down to how much
I believed in the relationship.

I dunno really, but I want to.

Happy Easter.

and Birthday.


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