Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 58: feels like...

It feels really weird coming back to Jakarta,
cause the feeling feels like coming home.
Jakarta is not my home, but it does feel like

KL now feels like a holiday.

Feels the gradual transformation and adaptation.

The two cats greeted me as I opened the door
to the apartment.

At the plane, one of the stewardess was pretty
cute. the first and best i've seen so far
of all the flights i've taken back and forward.

sigh, planes feels like buses now.

i dive into my bed in jakarta.

took a deep breath.

gawd-feels so tired. it's been a satisfying
trip. hung out with friends. 2 weddings.
watched football. outdoor rave at Sunway Lagoon.
spa. watched tons of movies. even shot a spec
commercial with some friends. great to visit
my old animator friends. they'll be helping
out with the CG for the spec.

2 deaths though; uncle, went back mom's hometown
for the funeral. and my 700GB hardisk of downloaded
movies, inclusive of 720p and 1080p collection, died.

am still mourning over it.

Sunway Lagoon brought back some memories.
Gawd, she was so young then.
Love literally tasted sweet.

Oh-well, moving on now.


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