Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 69: Dream

Had a really weird dream.
Visited a friend's house.
Outside the house, the ground
was dry-cracked mud.
waited for her outside.
then she came out, we walked.
had a conversation with her.
she was a close friend.
i joked and flirted with her
of us being together.
then she gave me a tired-serious
look and said "i'll only be serious when
you start becoming serious."
i gave her a guilty-smile and shaddup.
we walked in silent to a food court.
we ordered fried kuey teow.
then i woke up.

would have been nice if i've gotten
the chance to eat that fried kuey teow.

that's how dream always is,
waking up at the very moment
you are about to enter climax.
turn off.

had constipation today.

bottoms-upped a glass of papaya juice.

had fun doing the test shoot today.
director was kind enough to give
me the opportunity to hold the camera
and direct the talent.

he told me that i needed to learn about
the camera. i'm glad that he's willing
to teach me.

haven't had a teacher for a long time.

never stop learning.

you can never stop learning.


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