Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 59: walk-and-walk

woke up at afternoon.
made myself toast and coffee.
then watched 'True Romance'.
a cult hit written my Quentin Tarantino.

not bad. didn't like the ending though.
too cliche.

then i took a walk. wanted just walk
around the apartment. then decided i should
walk to the supermarket across the apartment
to get some groceries. then i thought maybe
i just check out what's showing at the cinema.
didn't had a movie i wanted to watch.
checked the google map to see where else
cinema was nearby.

walked. and walked.
then saw some interesting apartments.
checked out availability and rent.
expensive. but bloody nice. had an
awesome gym room, beautiful view,
fancy room, flat screen, clean kitchen,
the receptionist was kinda cute too.
but WAY off my budget.

maybe someday, maybe.

walked to a mall, and they didn't had
a cinema. so i walked to another. and
another. looked at the time, i've been
walking for more than 3 hours. no wonder
the songs in my iphone was starting
to irritate me.

finally found a fancy mall that had
a cinema. there was 3 movies showing.
one i saw, second was crap, third i
imdb it and it had a 7.2 rating.
so-what the hell, i've walked miles
to get here. bought the ticket.
friggin cheap. i love jakarta.

hungry. went to the food court.
saw a poster with a tasty looking fish soup.
tried it. not bad. didn't taste the fish
though. but not bad.

walked around. remembered i had to
get groceries. bought cereal, bread and milk.
miss those cereal balls with yogurt i had
in london. then looked for blackmores pills
for my stomach. they didn't had any.
found out Jakarta don't carry Blackmores.
WTF!*exclamation, cause i'm not asking)

after the movie, took a cab home. paid the
driver and realized how far i've walked.



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