Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 73: Day 2, it's a wrap!

After all the pain and struggle,
accusation and fucking up things,
screamed at, praised at, accidents,
insults, laughter, stress, passion,
it all balls down to the final
moment when you screamed 'It's a wrap.',
listening carefully to the reaction;
their reaction judges the result
of the shoot. you hear people screaming
in joy, and clapping. how loud they
clap, how loud they scream, it rationalize
their feelings toward the shoot. as a
director you judge it.

a scream of joy and clap could mean that
they have enjoyed the shoot with you,
or it could also mean that they are
glad to be done with you.

the worse is, no reaction, where everyone
just pack and leave as fast as possible.

that definitely means that they didn't
enjoy the shoot at all.

shaking hands is a very important
custom too. a sense of gladness that
we have survived the same war despise
how much conflict we had during
the shoot, cause now we all shared
the same war scars.

a shoot is never just a shoot.

it's more than that.

most importantly and definitely
it's about 'friendship'.


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