Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 60: More walks.

Woke up. Had cereal. favorite combination;
corn flakes with a little of honey stars.
there's something about the mixture of
these 2 cereals. their texture, one slightly
crunchier and one slightly softer. their
taste; one non sweet, and one sweet.
when both are soak with milk, mm-mmph!

watched a korean flick. pretty good;
The Man From Nowhere.
mixture of Taken and Oldboy.

late afternoon, i started my walk in
the city again. had Radiohead's new album
as my first playlist. Then Last Night OST
and finally as the day turns dark, Social
Network OST.

the air is horrible. fxxkin polluted.
i walked further this time. i really
think it's less healthier to walk
in Jakarta then not walk.

but i really feel that if you need to
know the city, walking it is the best.

google map said i walked bout 10km.

reached home. bloody tired.

house mate thought i was crazy.
walking in jakarta is a bad idea
because of the pollution. she
reminded me that this is not London.
thought to myself then,
yeah-i miss walking in London.
i remembered carrying a huge printer.

news today state that Jakarta is ranked 39th
of the world's well-off communities.
London is ranked top 2, next to New York.

came back home and had awesome roast chicken+
char siew + siew yok + sour vegetable soup.

well, atleast i can have those here
and not in london.

oh-what the hell, can't win them all.


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