Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 65: Aww fuc..!

woke up and started working on the board.
will ADing the next job. my second.
there's another one lining up.
so far so good.

just can't wait to get my ass into

anyway, during I was back in KL,
i was able to shot a clip with
some friends.

go click LIKE if you think i deserve
to win. anyway i and my friends
agreed if we ever win anything with
this clip, we'll stop smoking FOREVER.

whole day spent at director's house
working on the board and preparation
for tomorrow's production meeting.

had only cereal in the morning,
and only after 1am I was able to
have my dinner. fxkin crazy rite?

anyway, watched football. my team
lost again. fxxk! fxxk! fxxk!

well, there's the final match
this Sunday that decides either
i or my friend will win the bet.

will let you know what's the bet
about after i win.



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