Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 70: !@#!$%

Had more meetings today.
Bringing myself up.
Gotto try and spoke more
in meetings. Present myself.

Anyway, feeling damn crappy now.
Lost a bet to a friend of football.
Stoke lost today. One goal difference
to Newcastle at the league table.

So I've to buy 2 Newcastle jersey,
one for him and one for myself. Fuck!
And we've to wear it at the studio
back in KL.

Don't feel like going back to KL now.

but anyway, I look at it as my first
gateway into football. Oh-i pay dearly.
having a team to support is painful.
especially them not winning.

fuck! just one goal difference.
Fucking going bonkers that Stoke
didn't even score one single goal
against Wigan at home ground. WTF!!




sigh... gonna TRY to sleep.
tomorrow got workshop for another




Micke said...

Hey Chin Yew

Im might be on my way to Jakarta and Im interested in studying film production. Can you send me some details of your school and if you have some other interesting insights.


Micke said...

Dont know if you got my email


chinyew said...

hey Mikael,

am not in a film school in jakarta,
am working in the commercial industry
of jakarta.

not sure bout film schools though, but
you can always research the production
houses in jakarta and send in yr
resume that you are interested to
be a production assistant.

production assistant is the ultimate best place to learn film production. more than you might get in a film school.

i didn't went to any film school.
but a degree could help you move up the ladder and ease your way through the industry.

go google 'production assistant' and you'll get tons of info.

all the best.