Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 62: Brunch and cholesterol!

had brunch. prawns, pancakes, bloody mary
and sausages. felt so full. then came
back home and watched The Rite. a horror
movie about exorcism. nothing that i haven't
seen. but i like the last scene where the
skeptic young priest finally gives in and
believe. very touching scene. think i shed
a tear or two.

maybe i'm currently goin through that
same phase. i now know He exist. but
it's hard for me to have faith in him,
after what i've done. all my wrong doings.
i feel so hard to forgive myself.

but-anyhow, at night i had more high
cholesterol food, goat's feet soup.
yummy! the oil and egg yolk.
came back home drank tea and watched
the FA cup final. my favorite team, Stoke
City was playing.

i never liked football. till i came to
jakarta. influences from some friends.
every guy here seems to talk only about

i needed a team to support. but i didn't
want to be so cliche like the rest of
just choosing the best team. i wanted a
team that had meaning to me.

and i remembered watching this match
with my friends. this team had a guy
who had a very powerful throw in.
thought the team had a very interesting
character. the team beat my friend's
team on that day.

then watched another match with a different
team, and the very underdog team beat
his team too.

since i decided Stoke City shall be it.

i love underdogs.

people used to laughed at me when i tell
them i supported Stoke City. and they'll
go 'Stoke who?'

eventhough they have lost the cup to Man.City,
but still being in the final really meant
something for underdogs like Stoke.

anyway. that's it for today.
tomorrow, start work!

go underdogs!



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