Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 79: New home (room)

Spent the whole day collecting payment
and buying new stuff for my new room.

Didn't realize the paint crack on the wall
when I first saw it. But nevermind, am
still happy with the room, despite not
having wi-fi but lan cable internet. grrrr!

but still-it was fine, and they also didn't
provide bed blanket, grrr... it's okay!

some friends said that i'm actually paying
a little too much for my first place.
but i've been searching around Jakarta
and this is the most comfortable one
that i could. comfortably is very important
in this stressful job. i get fucked mostly
all the time. i need to be at my toes
to make sure everything's fine with the
shoot. pressure-pressure. so after a long
day work, i need to come back to a place
where i can call home and comfortable.

so here i am.

bought tons of stuff. water dispenser,
bread toaster, fork and spoon, cups,
speakers, laundry bag, blanket,
cereal, instant noodles, milk, orange
juice, bowls, power extension, cables,
etc, etc. spent bout RM500.

moving all the stuff into the room
makes me feel so many details needed
merely just for a room.

building a house is not easy.
imagine building a family.

i've got a long more way to go.


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