Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 80: Beatles

i wonder why my nails grow so fast

had some beers at a bar infront
of the place i live, one of the
reason i moved here.

a 3-piece accoustic band was covering
Beatles all night long. bloody fantastic.
thank God for Beatles.

was talking to a friend that he said 2 years
ago, all the production people were partying
like crazy. these days, mostly are married
and have settled down.

that ought to make me think that i'm a 30-year
old who still likes to party. a cab driver
asked me once, why aren't i married?

is it fixed that a person who reaches 30 have
to get married and settle down? i see most
people get divorce at mid 30s. and some desperately
who are still in a marriage desperately wants
to get out.

is there a subconscious psychology setback
that i am still what i am?

is there a point?


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