Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 95: Up-Down

Some people bring you up.
Some like to put you down.

The ones you love most can
be the ones who hurt you most.

And sometimes the ones whom you dislike,
might be the ones who you'll be surprise
that might help you most in the time of need.

Only slept 3 hours since last night.
Woke up and had to ride the motorcycle
with a colleague to work. The traffic
and pollution of an early day in Jakarta
is really horrible. I'll try my very best
to avoid it.

I rather pay the cab than risk my life.
It's really dangerous and hazardous to
one's health. My mom will definitely
flip if she knew what I'm goin through

Had fun casting the restaurant waitress
for the next commercial shoot.

Really tired now. Just got back.
12am. Shall sleep.

Luckily tomorrow's meeting is at 4pm.


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