Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 106: Amazing popping Part 1

a good day.

woke up, and was late a little
for my call time.

came back home last night,
and instantly crash into

shoot went fine. had the chance
to direct the actors again.

was pretty good.

had fun with the crew too.

i was working great with the

i learned from the last producer
i worked with, treat my actors
right and it'll benefit my future.

i used to treat extras or even
the actors very mean. abused them
like my tool. having the director
ego thinking that i'm better than
them, and i own them.

i was wrong.

aDing the actors today in a very
nice manner, i realized i really
enjoyed working with them.
and they too. even got them to
perform really well.

stressing them out just only
pisses yrself off and causes
them to feel nervous and deducts
their performances.

being friendly helps alot.

for me it's not so much about
the money. it's more about getting
yr own worth.

i'm very sensitive of the subject
of being manipulated and exploited.

will share more of today's experience

tired. need sleep.


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