Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 96: Friends

miss my friends in KL.

a friend from KL came down
to Jakarta for work.

met up with him and had lunch,
then evening some drinks.

it was great hanging out with
an old friend. especially
so strange to walk down the streets
of Jakarta with a friend from
a different world.

hanging out with him really
made me felt the obvious
difference of socializing
in Jakarta and KL.

two different kind settings.
the economical condition plays
a very strong influential in
the way people interact and
social among one another.

people keep telling me
that i shouldn't expect to
find true friends here.

i still don't entirely believe
that to be true.

i'm sure eventhough behind all those
heavy coated friendliness there's
still some sincerity in them.


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