Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 103: Goin well.

2nd day of shoot.
Great success today.
Didn't get any scolding
from the director.

All went well.

Even had the chance to
shoot and direct a
workshop for the next shoot.

Yep, that's how crazy the workflow
here in Jakarta. While shooting one,
we're preparing at location for
the next one.

Presented the talents that I shot
to the director. He liked it and
told me to presented it the same
to the clients. I froze a moment.
And he looked at me sharply,
'Yeah, I want you to do it.'
Was happy and scared at the same
time. Imagine someone who is in
the highest level of the chain,
hands down an important task
to you.

almost felt like the king
knighting you.

i presented the talents to the client
and agency. it all seemed okay.
was abit nervous so I guess i didn't
performed my fullest like i usually
do back when i was directing television.

it's always fear that withholds
the confidence.

and confidence determines the quality
of performances.

eliminate fear.

and start thinking like a director.


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