Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 100 & 101

Missed 1 day of post.
Will explain why.

One day you get discouraged,
next day you get encouraged.

we're all very dependent beings.

praises, works. and insults, hurts.

the highlight of the day
was on the way back home
from the post house.

shared a cab with the director.

he gave me advise of stepping up.

encouraged me to be careful of blending
myself with the rest of the pack.

i've to stand out from the pack.

i've to be aware of everything.

i've to know of everything.

i've to have the answers.

cause it's the very key moment when
the agency throws you a question,
and you providing them the right answer,
that's when they know that they can trust you.

we're talking about a job that pays
you USD10k per day.

we're talking about project that worth
billion of dollars.

we're talking about the branding
reputation of high profile companies.

the question you really got to ask yrself,
who the fuck are you, and why should
they give you the job where thousands of
people are fighting for.

that one very chair that everybody wants
to sit.

i want to sit.

came back home and quickly pulled out
my books on film production. didn't showered,
didn't changed, just read and read till i fell

woke up, continued reading till the cab came
and went to the audio post house.

am back now, am posting this.

shall continue my reading.

tomorrow, day 1 of a 4 day shoot.


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