Friday, June 03, 2011

Day 82: Chill out

Woke up, did my run.
Bought lunch along the way.
Came back home and watched
a movie over lunch. Good
food, street food, rice
with fish and vegetables.

Took a short nap.
Woke up, had some cereal.
Cooked noodles. Watched another

Tune into BBC news. World's
pretty messed up with all
the plagues and wars.
Gets quite depressing.
But you got to be in the knowing,
I guess. Sometimes the stupid
ones are the happy ones.

Late evening, got called from friends
to meet up at the pub across the street
of the place I'm living. It's always
been like my dream to live across a bar.

It's great to go to a bar where
everybody knows your name.
Had my usual Guinness fixed.
Had spaghetti. And more Guinness.
Walked home semi-drunk. Showered.

Watch another movie as I dozed off.



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