Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 98: Not so long ago..

a year ago at this moment,
i'm drawing my mini comics
and selling them in an
art fair.

i become a different person
whenever i'm selling my art.
i'm proud and confident.

today i'm drawing storyboard
for commercial.

so want to be in that event
now. having my own booth.
setting and decorating it up.

timing's been crazy here.
revising boards, prepping
for shoots.

something's terribly wrong
with health.

need more sleep, eat more proper food.

i've chosen this path.
it's hard to cruise through it

drawing the storyboard now,
i imagine how much fun the artists
are having now in KL in that art fair.

drawing the storyboard now,
i misses my artist life.

as i held my pencil i suddenly realized,
i'm fuckin here.

i'm fuckin here.


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