Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day 88: Worth it.

Wrapped at 4am. Body pushed for atleast
24 hours without sleep. Mid way through
was feeling really drain-out, then took
a dose of caffeine. boosted me up.

Was ok the shoot. Made less mistakes
compared to the last shoot. Phew..

Guess the more you do, you pick-up
new lessons through the mistakes you
make, the better you get.

My aim everyday is not to make anymore
mistakes. Even in life. Relationship.
I've become more extra careful
and cautious since the last.

Long time ago, my first producer told
me that 'paranoia is your greatest weapon.'

Been over protective of yrself is good.

Nobody likes to get hurt.

Everybody wants to win.

Hate assholes that hurt you just so
they won't.

But I guess the ones who get hurt
also benefits.

Win-win I guess.


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