Sunday, June 05, 2011

Day 84: Back..

The artist that signed up for this month
is nowhere to be found. So I'm back here

I've been blogging daily, counting down
the days till I start directing here in

Day 84. If yr interested you can read
older post here.

Today went to work. Final wardrobe
fitting for the cosmetic shoot.
My first presentation in a pre production
meeting as an assistant director in Jakarta.
Tried to speak in Bahasa Indonesia at first
but my Bahasa Malaysia just automatically
comes back in. Eventhough the both language
is almost similar, the structure and some
words representation is really different
that makes it hard for someone who already
knows either one of the language to adapt
the other.

Came back home. One of the main roads were
blocked for some festival-flea market.
So I went. Bought some local food, walked
home. Tried to resist walking into the bar,
eventually did. Had 2 Guinness.

I knew it was a bad idea to stay across
a bar.


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