Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 107: Amazing popping Part 2

Continuation from yesterday,

as we wrapped, the client
walked up to me and shake
my hand and said,

"well, it was great working
with a Martell Rising Personality."

i froze a moment.

it felt weird hearing something
from another part of my world
popping here in Jakarta.

it was like a sudden water splash
into my face and waking up
from a dream.

for a short moment, 2 consciousness
exist; my artist self back in KL
and an assistant director in Jakarta.

never once since my escapade here in Jakarta,
i ever experience both of this 2 worlds
as one.

apparently the client was one
of the judges for the award back in KL.

that very moment, the director walked pass
and heard the conversation and joined us.
then another agency guy.

it was crazy. suddenly from an assistant
director that runs up and down,
i suddenly became the artist i once was.

felt a little ashamed that the judge
was there to see me like this now.

the director asked the client what
that award was about, and he replied
that it was an award to people who
have strive in their industry.

looked how much i've strive now.

as i slept last night, sequences of scenes
what inflicted me to come to Jakarta, came
flashing back.

i keep hearing voices people telling
me how talented i was, how successful
i was, yet they are not willing to
pay me the proper fees. kept telling
me 'not for this one, maybe the next one,
let's just do this one first, k?'

thanks, but no thanks.


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