Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 83: Careful

i like how my body wakes up
automatically at 830am. no matter
how late i sleep, my body just
jump start itself. no matter
how hard i forces myself to sleep,
my body still refuses to.

so i took a run.
bought mie ayam along the way.
bloody tasty and cheap.
bought some snacks in a supermarket.

went home, had my shower, prepared
a movie, then ate like crazy.

2pm. nap.

4pm. woke up, watch another movie,
then took a swim. hungry again.
walked down the street to try
this arty restaurant.

browse their book collection.
found 2 books that i'm interested in.
shall bookmark them and return again
next time to finish them. nice interior,
and reasonably priced food. don't
mind coming back again.
had an awesome dessert that serves
vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate
fudge in 2 separate bowls.
makes me think of special friend,
whom i know will definitely fight
with me to finish them. :)

at that moment, i felt the gladness
of being alone, yet a little sad.
like the idea of being free,
yet maybe a companion to share food
and some conversation would do good.

come to think of it, i've spent
an entire day like this haven't
spoken to anyone.



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