Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 91: Start..

Woke up, had to work.
Still no chance to find a local church.

Storyboard and assist directing.
Am taking 2 roles now.
Money is good.
Just gotto find ways to pay
rent and my credit card bills.

I always thought that I would never
have credit card.


Starting not to care so much
anymore about things.

No point dwelling on things I can't

Called mom today. Missed her.

I've never been away. Never left
home for college or anything.
This is the first time living
on my own. i'm a late bloomer.
at the age of 30, I'm only begun
to learn independently.

every day i feel like i'm growing.

i'm thankful that at least i've
a purpose to strive.

a dream to achieve.


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