Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 89: Listening.

went for telecine today for the commercial
that we just shot. nice place. ordered
roast duck. love the local roast duck.
very different from the ones i had in KL.

telecine for lipstick commercial is
interesting. had to match back the colors
of the product precisely.

after telecine had a talk with a local
friend sharing with me the ways of

Jakarta is a very vibrant place.
there are some certain techniques
of getting along well with the flow
of the city. sociology issues.
turning on and off the joking side.
nothing's permanent or one-sided.

you must have two characters that
somehow makes that your character.
and you must be flexible in
changing them whenever.

it's really complicated.

he told me it took him 4 years atleast
to learn and be one now.

i wonder how long or will i ever
turn into one.


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