Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 112: Routine

Woke up. Watched a movie.
Then had my run. Swim.

Came back home, made lunch.

Then went to director's house,
only half way, meeting canceled.

Paid the patjai(mini motor cum. car) guy
5 thousand, that's the amount i used
to pay. he said not enough and asked
for 10. argued with him that i usually
pay 5. he persist he wanted it.
so i gave him another 2.

had dinner at friend's house.
finally, some home cooked food.

then skyped with buddy from malaysia.
it was great chatting in my malaysian-english

then went to the cinema with friend
and wifey.

watched a local movie.
didn't had subtitles.
but still i enjoyed it.
pretty touching.

received a brochure of an apartment.
thinking of purchasing it cause it's
so cheap. almost like paying my monthly
rental now. might as well i buy
my own place right?

but it's not so easy, especially
without a permanent salary, the bank
wouldn't loan me any money.

only way is to ask from my parents.
hadn't ask from them for awhile.
hadn't even give them any money for

another way is to get my first directing
gig and halleluya!


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