Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 123: Back to work

Is not that i haven't been working.
For the last 7 days since director
had left for holiday, i've been
inside my room, watching movies,
downloading and viewing tutorials
of the film camera. catching up with
lenses and lighting.

i've learned about them back before
i became a director in KL. when i
was still a production assistant,
i spent most of my time learning
the whole science of production.
and when i became a director,
i tend to slowly forgot about
it. i rely mostly on my team.
besides, we were shooting mostly
on the digital video camera,
low budget television series
that prioritize speed rather
than quality.

our camera is mostly set in
auto mode and given only an
additional wide angle lens.

thus, i'm here, no longer spoon-fed,
i've got to buckle up.

these days if you're hardworking
and intense enough, you can get any
tutorial in the internet. you can
be anyone or any profession.

even though 'knowledge' is power,
it's the people you know and your
personality that eventually lands
you the job.


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