Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 121:Run it all out

a close friend who is also working overseas
text me saying he was feeling depress.

i replied stating that i understood exactly
what he meant and that he should try running
it out, it might help. he said it was great idea.
i replied to him, "yeah-thanks, now i myself
gonna go for a run." he replied "sorry."

after leaving the production house,
picked up my passport, i walked into
McDees, thinking maybe i should buy
dinner for tonight. as i studied what
to order, i suddenly remembered
a promise i made with a friend long time
ago that i should stop eating McDees for
a year. i also promised her to live
healthier. and so i did;

i've stopped smoking almost a month.
run and swim an average of 3 times a week.
taking multiple supplements. eat healthy.

i need to live longer. i need to earn
more money. for a better life, longer life.

i walked out McDees empty handed.

once i put my bag into my room,
i instantly changed, grab my iphone,
and then my sneakers, my comfortable
nike free. looked at it for a moment,
i forced the memories back in.

and i ran.

i keep pushing myself further
and faster for every run.

run till i see stars.

run till i'm out.


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