Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 139: Pay and Rent

Thus is life,
money in, money out.

Went to the production house today
to get my pay. Came back home,
immediately used half of it and
paid my rent.

i'm lucky even to get a gig
of assisting direct this month.

have been saving on food.
can food and instant noodle.

am lucky sometimes to eat at
production and post houses.

that's what they say,
you always suffer when you're
starting out.

i've been 'starting out' too many

but i guess Jakarta is my last straw.
if this doesn't cut it, i don't
know what will.

meanwhile i'm sustaining well.

come on board, somebody give me a bloody
board! i'll do any spot!



Anonymous said...

hai,I read your blog;at least you got a job there in broadcasting n that's a headstart.Maybe you can ask around cos there's so many tv stations in indonesia.Look at some artist who had established themselves in indonesia.Everybody loves a good blunder and sometimes blurred respond gives the best laugh.think happy and be happy.

chinyew said...


yeah, am gonna head back to Jakarta
and try again and again to get my next board. think positive and throwing my puny-whiny-old self away!