Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 125: Time is my biggest enemy

time is really flying.
am afraid of aging.
am 30. and seems time
really flies. fast.

i looked at myself in the mirror.
i've aged. some white hair.

some man hold their age proudly.

so much to do. so little time.

sometimes i can't remember
have i taken my pills.
cause everyday seem to be
so repetitive.

i'm thankful to God that
i'm still alive. that i'm
surviving. still able to
pay my bills. still able
to feed myself.

health and age is what
i fear most. that i'll lose
my health to the polluted air
here and the sometimes dirty

am only worried that i'll
age so fast that i'm behind
where i'm supposed to be.

am eager to direct my first
commercial. am eager to direct
my first feature. am eager
to finish and publish my graphic
novel. am eager to live at
the city i want to live.

the repetitiveness of everyday
pains my eagerness.


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