Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 119: Games of Thrones and a cut.

Couldn't wake up at 5am.
Slept at 3am. Been watching
episodes of Games of Thrones.
i love HBO series.

just finished the last episode.

cut my thumb just now as i
attempt to cut open the
ice cream plastic box.

cut's pretty deep.

a few days ago as i was washing
the dishes, and my fruit knife,
i thought to myself what happens if
i accidentally cut myself. like
cutting off a finger. what would
i do? i don't even know the
emergency no. to call in Jakarta.
it'll be scary.

it's weird really.

then i was just in a pool.
floating, looking up the sky,
i suddenly thought of an old
friend i haven't heard awhile.
then that same evening, she
emailed me.

watched TV, a series was quoting
from the book Secret.

my thumb's cut is pretty deep.
googled how to stop the bleeding
and when it's too serious that
i should get medical help.

it's been an hour i think,
and bleeding's slowing down.

maybe if i focus with my mind,
i can make the bleeding stop.


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