Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 114: Nightmares

been getting nightmares lately.
past memories.
very disturbing.

5am, i forced myself back to sleep.

keep praying to God for me to

woke up 8am. body feels tired.
forced myself back to sleep.

12pm. had to wake up.
need to be at immigration office
by 2pm.

didn't felt hungry. ate a piece
of bread and drank water.

reached immigration office.
noticed most officers were
wearing slippers.

had my picture taken and fingerprints

head of to director's house. only reaching
there, meeting canceled. took a pajai home
and called for laundry.

made tomato soup for dinner. and bread.

did some work.

watched some TV.


thought a run could help.

bad idea. at night there's when
people burn their rubbish.
could smell plastic.

but still i ran. as fast as i could.

came back exhausted.
showered. ate fruits.

probably gonna do a little more
work before i head to bed.


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