Friday, July 08, 2011

Day 117: Cook Rice

Went to a post production house
today to discuss the process
of the next shoot.

Bank commercial. It's exciting
to AD a shoot which is not food
or product.

After the meeting I went to get
my first haircut in Jakarta.
I always get my haircut with
a stylist in Malaysia.

Not too bad the outcome.

Later went to did some grocery shopping.

There was an art store.
Bought an Ox hair brush and
black drawing ink. I only uses
my windsor newton brush and ink.
but thought i give other brands
a try. hand held a brush for so long.

shall see if i'll ever use it.

bought a rice cooker. rice. can food.
pan. oreos. vegetables. fruits. shampoo.

learned when you go shopping alone,
careful not to buy more than you can

it was crazy trying to get a cab
with my hands overwhelmed.

reached home. cooked my first rice.
made my first dinner. so tired of
eating instant noodles and powder
formed soup.

today is about giving in and


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