Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 102: Suck, wish I could say F--~!

Didn't slept throughout yesterday.
Guess must be the coffee I had
at the previous afternoon.
I'm super sensitive to coffee.
It makes me hyperactive and
awake for hours.

So I went directly to the police
station of the following morning
to get my accident report.

Came back home and tried to
change my flat tyre. After removing
the spare tyre from the back, I jacked
up my car, only to realize that
my jack wasn't high enough.

Luckily, as my brother was about to leave
for work, I managed to borrow the jack
from his car.

With help from my brother, we finally
manage to jack up the car and replace
the flat one with the spare.

Brother went straight to work after.
I then proceed to drive my car
to the nearest workshop, only to
realize that my spare was also flat!

The whole process took at least 2 hours
only to realize that it was pointless.

Frustrated, I went back inside and had
my breakfast.


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