Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 98: Schiele

Went to Royal Academy Gallery today.

Paid a decent 12 pounds.

It felt so surreal to be standing
so close to the classic paintings.

Saw Rembrant, Raphael, Da Vinci.

But the highlight of it all,
which was my main intention
was to check out Egon Schiele's.

Abit dissapointed that the piece
was so small. But was still very
delighted to see his strokes
up-close. Was mesmerized by it.

I stood there quite long studying
his work. Other viewers might
thought that I was obssessed since
I hog most of the viewing space.

I'm amazed at how Egon Schiele
made his work so simple yet
so skillful.

Friend bought a print for the
souvenier shop. Yet to me it
really look different from
the original.

With the print, I went back
inside to the gallery and
compared it with the original.

It was WAY-WAY different.
Even the color is wrong at the

It proves again that paintings
have to be seen live and prints
serve no justice to the work.

I must make it a point in my life
that I must travel and see as many
classic paintings that I like live.


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