Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day 97: Galleries and such...

Went to Saatchi Gallery.

British Contemporary show.

Stunning paintings.

Gave me the drive of wanting to paint.

Later, went to Tate Modern.

Saw paintings that I've only seen in text books.

Had a surreal feeling of seeing them live.

My favorite was a Salvador Dali painting.
He paints so small in size, yet his detail
are amazing! I'm so happy in able to stand
so close to it and see it's strokes.

I might have to to pay a decent 12 pounds
to see an Egon Schiele painting tomorrow,
one of my favorite painter.

I'm so glad to be in Europe and so jealous of
them that they all get the priviledge to view
these classic paintings so up-close.

Don't miss home at all..



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