Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 112: Acid

Met-up with a friend today.

He was going through some emotional problem.
I blame the drugs.

Talking to him, listening and advising him,
I remembered the power of just 'being' there
for a friend.

He is almost 10 years younger than me.
He tells me the problem and difficulties
that he was going through. That he knows
the truth in life. Like most of us think we
do at our very present age. But years
ahead then only we realize how naive we
were and that in fact we don't, but that very present
again, we always think we do, but of course,
we don't. It's a cycle. (I'll definitely laugh at myself
again 5 years later reading what I just wrote)

I told him, the problem doesn't ends there.
If you think that's bad, wait till you hit my age.
The trick is; you can't escape from it, especially
not by using intoxication.

You've got to face it, embrace it.
Sadly, nobody can help you with that,
because you own your own mind,
nobody controls it, but yrself.

And shaping your perception is the exercise
you've got to give yrself.

Like the old riddle; is it half cup empty or
half cup full?


Yes, it can be hard, especially when yr in
the state of negativity. You just can't help
seeing it as empty. But maturing your mind
is the only way to face that obstacle.
It is not the question of merely being mature,
but 'maturing' it. There's a difference between
the two.

As I drove him back, I realized how those words,
I've forgotten myself.

Seeing him at his early 20s, reminded of mine,
always in the search of truths, analyzing and
criticizing actions of others. Questioning the
point of this assumed aimless and painful life.
Why is life just so damn hard?

"Heh, who ever told you that it was easy?"

Later that evening, I went to the church with another
friend and the sermon was completely about that,
like always.

Then I recalled with Him, it's always "half-cup-full".

Going to pick myself up again.


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