Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 114: Editing

Woke up really early today.
To check on the render for
the video job I'm editing.

Guess I only slept bout 4 hours.

Have I mentioned how boring
and tedious the gig is?

Well it pays the bill.

Met up with a friend for lunch today.
When my food came, I quickly say grace
then proceeded. Her food only came 3 seconds
later than mine. She ask me to say grace,
but I told her I already did. So she said
grace herself.

I purposely avoided saying grace together.
I don't know why. Maybe it's my lack
of confidence voicing out my grace lately.

I've detached a little lately.
Saying grace seems to be like a ritual
these days rather than being really

I do try my very best to focus
on my gratefulness while I say grace,
but my mind always wander away.

Like most of the time these days.

My mind just wanders.

Anyway, bought a wood panel and some
new brushes today. Was planning to
paint it at the studio.

But last minute, the editing job called
again, had some revision.

Thus, it's 2am now. I'm still at home.
Unlikely I'll be heading to the studio tonight.
(Sorry I-Ming)

Got another call again to meet up tomorrow
for another editing job.

Looks like it's only editing job lately for me.

I miss shooting. Directing.

The irony; I get paid more for editing
commercial and corporate videos compared
to directing television.

Grr.. why Malaysia television industry has
to be so sucky?!?

If it wasn't, I wouldn't have to leave the country.

If it wasn't, I wouldn't have to do all these
boring editing jobs.

If it wasn't, I'd still be happy directing
and telling stories to my fellow citizens.


I'm thankful to the least that I still have
money coming in.



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