Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 106: Lost

Lost another job again.
This commercial thingy is not easy.
Takes patience.

Financially I'm fine. Just feeling a little
impatient that I hadn't shot anything
since I got back.

Miss directing.

Maybe should work on a short film.

Maybe should just continue working
on I See So Many Butterflies.

Bah! Not motivated. I'm not lazy.
Really not. I think.

Anyway, weather's still bad here.
Rains in the afternoon.

Bah! No point to go out. No point
to see anyone, client or whatsoever.

Stay home, read a book and wait.
Wait. When's the next job coming?!?!

Ahem-yeah. Patience. The art of being

What-the-f*ck-ever! Anyone got anything
to do, let me know! Mow the lawn, paint
the wall, what-the-f*ck-ever, I need a
bloody project!

Sigh. Friend came over to take some
Lost episodes. Really miss the show. Miss
having something to look forward every

Told friend that these days I feel sleepy
all the time. Must still be the jet-lag.
He told me it's because I've nothing to
look forward everyday, therefore the body
knows, therefore the body reacts to it.

Sigh. What's wrong with me? Why am
I complaining so much? Should be glad
atleast I have the time to chill and catch
up my book reading and film watching rite?

Sigh. A Shanghai high-rise flat went in flame
today. Dozens had died.

Think I'll just shaddup now and enjoy my coffee.

And pray.


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