Sunday, December 05, 2010

Day 126: Ahem

Audition day.

Pretty good. Think we got our villain.

Hung out at the studio for awhile.

Watch a football match with the boys.

Looked at my unfinished paintings for
hours. Then slept a little at the couch.

Suddenly feels stressed about financial.
Stare up the ceiling. One member pulling
out from the studio. That’s more forking
out money from my pocket.

Leaving the country soon. But still I’ve
got to pay the rent. It’s part of the deal
with the rest of my artist friends.

Looking at my savings and uncollected
payment from clients. Should be enough.

Tell myself that this is part of the artist life.
Facing the financial and balancing.

Read Craig Thompson travel comics.
Very fortunate for him to travel the world
with his art career. He deserves it. His art
is amazing.

Am I not working hard enough?
Got to practice more!

To the drawing board doing random sketches.


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