Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 133: Good sales

Day 3, last day STGCC.

Good sales today. I See So Many Butterflies VOL.1
is sold out.

Was pretty satisfied with the sales today.

It was pure fun.

We bids our goodbyes to everyone.
It was great to see everyone again.
At the end of the event is where
all of us catch up, trade books and
talks about the future. The future
of comics to us.

Told some of them that I'll retiring
this year. Gonna concentrate on
my production career. Will stop
comics for awhile.

After all the hard work, the return
is still quite low. I'm pretty satisfy
with the result though, but it just doesn't
cut it enough for me to make a living.

Guess my age is really kicking in.

Packing up, saying goodbye to everyone
was kinda sad. Feeling like it'll be last
time of seeing them.

Met new friends too. Very cool people.
Love their artwork. Saw alot of old friends
have evolved very well too. From publishing,
to their finishing. They all have my full
respect for making it all the way there.

I know it can be very hard to even
to be at STGCC. It takes so much out of
us and yet the returns are so small.

Tomorrow heading back to KL.

Life is good.


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