Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 146: Holiday mood

Was in a holiday mood today,
even though there was work.

Had a good breakfast with special friend.
(even though she no longer gonna be :(

But life goes on.

I'm adapting to the changes.

Watched a movie.

Then some so called snacks.
Chinese dumplings, noodle soup
and dry chili chicken.

Food of love.

I love eating with her.

Came back. Slept for awhile.

Went to a club later at night
with friends. It was crazy.
Girls these days party harder
than the boys.

I was almost raped. :P

Exciting night.

Ended with room service and
more bottles of whiskey.

Drove home in a dazed of
'what just happened'.

Quickly showered, force myself
to post.

And now, to sleep.

What you expect,
it's a godamnholiday!


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