Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 132: Slow Sales

Day 2 at STGCC.

Sales are really slow.
Not as happening as it was last year.

When you start charging people for something
which you didn't at first, it might work that
they love it so much they will pay, but most
likely they won't.

People just like free stuff.

The crowd was small and minimal.

My books moved slowly.

But I guess good enough to cover
my cost for the trip and the rental
of the booth.

As for the printing of the books,
and my artist fees, blah, blah,
guess you can say my account
book is definitely a negative.

So why bother?

The love for comics of course!


STGCC is the closest I can fly
to for a comic convention.

Well, love to elaborate more,
but I swear I'm bloody tired
as hell.

Shall sleep now.

Like now.

I miss you special friend.


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