Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 139: Fiesta Day 1

Day 1 of Comic Fiesta @ Times Square.

Crowd was huge. But the hall this year was
pretty small.

Had a very good friend came very early to
support me by being my first customer.
Was really proud to have a friend like

Then later afternoon another friend came
with his friend, claiming to be a big fan
of mine.

They both were very supportive and bought
quite a few sets of my books.

Phil Yeh and Phil Ortiz bids me goodbye.
They are heading back to the US tomorrow.
Phil Yeh said that's he'll try and arrange something
to help me get to San Diego Comic Con someday,
which is one of the dream con that I want to sell
my books at.

I felt really happy with so many support
coming from so many directions.
Especially when I'm at my current doubting

Their support had energized me.

A very good day indeed.
Let's hope for tomorrow as well.


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