Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 134: For Sentimental Reasons

I'm back.

The handler to drag the luggage couldn't come out.
So I had to bend my body to drag it. Was very tiring.

Reached back KL on midnight. The moment I touched
down, reality kicks back in. My worries for financial
came back. The trip to Singapore was good detachment.
Wished Malaysia had more jobs for me.

Was talking to artist friend at the mamak
to postmortem the trip. We talked about
the people we meet and respect. And how
much opportunity Singapore gives out to
the art industry. Basically most comic artist
in Singapore survives on freelance illustrations.

Malaysia, simply there aren't oppornunities
like that. Even if there is, the illustrator are
squeezed crazily.

But enough with my rambling. Was really glad
to be back home. Unpacking was tiring.
It's almost time I replace my new luggage
which has followed me to various cons.

I've been saving all the Singapore dollars that
I've been making since last year. I have a random
thought of saving all the money into a fund where
it's gonna get me to a US convention one day.

But my plans for next year are pretty vague,
I'm still not sure if I'll continue to work on
comics or art.


Day 134: For Sentimental Reason

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