Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 129: Sprung

"Woke up.
Went to paint.
Came back."

Yeah, who ever says that an artist life is
not gonna be mundane?

It is like any other jobs in the world.
Check in, check out.

The only difference is that we don't know
when's our next pay cheque.

Life is a struggle for an artist.
Especially when you are not THAT famous.

I hate it whenever I get friends or relatives
who ask me to paint for them for free, or
give them a painting.

Hey-Why don't you @#$% give me one
of those luxurious cars that you're manufacturing?
Hey-Why don't you #$@^%! give me one of those
houses that you are developing?
Or even better, just give me some !@$%^& cash
from the bank that you're running?

Artist IS a fXXking job!
Not a bloody hippie lifestyle!!
(Well-sometimes it can be.)

But-c'mon! Everyone always assumed that
just because he/she is an artist, he/she are commonly
assumed to be 'artistically talented' (some of us truly are),
therefore it'll be so easy for them to paint something
for free!

Like most crafts, it sucks up our mental
and physical. Finishing a damn painting
is so damn painful and time consuming.
Painting is never easy even though
we are good with the brushes and paint.

So does it mean since you are good with your
accounting job, you can give me some free
accounting services?

The problem here lies with the general population
of my country whom are not educated the
awareness and respect for art.

But, I mean to be reasonable, I can't really blame them.
What do I expect from a country where the majority
buys pirated dvds that almost seem too easy and legal.

Will the art industry in my country ever grow?

Will some of my ignorant friends and relatives
ever stop asking me for free paintings?

I can only cross my fingers and hope
that I'll be selling a painting soon where I
can continue to live longer to find out.


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