Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 138: Comic Cons

One comic con after another.
Just prepared for another con in KL tomorrow.
Hope I can sell some books.
Lately, there's where I can earn some money.

Funny, how film production used to support
my life, and art was the additional.
Now art seems to be the only support
to me.

Still pending on a couple of commercial projects.
That's the thing about commercial.
Alot of waiting time.
But once you get it,---KAPOW!

My sleeping time is kinda screwed.
4 hours a day.
And random hours.
Can feel my health deteriorating.
Haven't been exercising.

Gotto keep my health back on track.

Was in a wedding today.
So many weddings this month.
Another one this Monday.
More weddings means more cash out.

The studio's rent is due.
We're still lack of cash to clear up.

Guess this is fun part
of living life as an artist,
living on the edge.

Now let's hope somebody buys
one of our paintings to clear
off some debts.

It's 3am. And I gotto be running
in another 6 hours. Eyes still wide
awake. Don't feel tired at all.
Tomorrow's gonna be fun.

What a joy-joy world this is.


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