Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 145: Merry X mas

There's always a reason why you are alone.
Especially in Christmas.

I took charge of my karma this year.
I've been alone for almost 5 years.

Not this year.

Am not gonna wait for anyone.
Am gonna go out and have my share
of fun.

Which I did.
I discovered capabilities I never thought
I had. Even though I feel kinda empty
with the result of it. But it definitely beats
being alone at home on Christmas, watching
an AVI.

Things have been decided today.

Eventhough I'm not fully happy or
satisfy with the decision, I'll have to
live with it. Because sometimes it is
not only about what I like, but also
what the other party likes.

No point for me to linger on where
something is no longer there.

I let live, and live.

Today is the day I live as a new.

Learn to love myself more and extra
cautious of who I devour myself too.

Cause when the wind of change comes,
it feels like shit. And it'll take much effort
to recover.

Merry X'mas!

Hope you have a splendid evening where
you love yrself more!


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