Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 140: Fiesta Day 2

Not bad day.

Business was abit slow. Guess everyone
ran out of money from day 1.
But overall, I still got to do some portraits.

Really starting to enjoy doing it.
I don't normally do portraits, because I
think it's hard.

But seeing customers getting so happy
with the version that I've portrayed of them,
I felt kinda fulfilling.

Met alot of interesting people today.
Friends I only knew from online came
and meeting them for the very first
time was really memorable. It felt like meeting
a long lost old friend.

Also met one of the big bosses of the company
that I had been working for many years and recently
quit. Eventhough I've worked for the company for
almost 4 years, this was the first time I actually
met him. We shared something in common which was
comics. He was surprised he had a staff he didn't knew
that also liked comics. Will be meeting up with him
next week to discuss some projects.

On the other side of the planet, my special friend
had been stuck in the airport for almost a day
due to snow storm. Was having mixed emotion
during the con while worrying for her.

If the flight had departed, I would have seen
her today.


Anyway, after a long day work, met up with
friends for an awesome Jap dinner and a body

My whole body feels so relaxed now.

Got another 5 hours to sleep before
waking up to help my friend steal his
bride. Heh.

Miss you special friend, hope yr well
and be back home soon before Christmas.

This post is dedicated to you.



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