Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 136: Talking with Simpsons

Woke up early for a presentation in Raffles KL.

It was great. I shared my story and threw
them the reality of life as an artist. Scared
the hell outta them of how hard it is.

Ended with a hopeful note that there is
a possibility of making it. But it all depends
on your value of 'making it'.

Next speaker was Phil Ortiz, one of the earliest
artist on Simpsons. His talk was motivating.
Sharing the ins and outs of the industry,
and the basic of comic book making.

Last speaker was Phil Yeh, teaching people how
to make money and not to have a proper job.
I respect him for his determination of making

Went back home feeling really sleepy. The night
before only had 2 hours sleep. Reflecting on
what I've learned today. Of what I want. I thought
I knew. Now these days, I'm not too sure.


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